Tips for Success & Why Your First Vacation Together is so Exciting

You may be thinking right now… “Seriously? How hard could it be to go on vacation? It’s vacation.” Well, if you have already accomplished planning a night out on the town, celebratory dinner date, or mid-day activity for you and your mate, congrats to you Barb & Don! But vacationing with your Hunnie for the first time requires a bit more thought, planning, and consideration. Traveling can put a lot of stress on anyone. I don’t care if you are an expert world traveler! Traveling removes people from their comfort zone to a degree no matter what. While on vacation with your companion, the goal is to achieve the highest level of rest, relaxation, and romance possible. I’ve thought of some tips on how to achieve the triple R’s, and why I’m so excited to travel with my butthead. Now, you may be wondering what has motivated me to write this post. Well, my boyfriend and I are going to Florida in exactly 2 weeks for a long 4th of July weekend, and we are SO EXCITED! My grandparents have a condo in Jupiter, Florida. It is an adorable town with lots to do, a beautiful inlet and light house, and tons of great restaurants and bars. Also, when you have the opportunity to have free room and board for 5 days in Florida, you take that shit and you ruuuun ladies and gentlemen!

Entertaining side note: I may have forgot to mention that our condo is in a retirement neighborhood…. So, as my love and I are stumbling in drunk as skunks at 3:00 am, we’ll have to make sure to be extra quiet not to wake the old farts next door who have been sleeping since 8:30pm. For some reason, I find this hilarious! Honestly though, I’ve been going there since I was a kid, and it never mattered to me at all. The 1 minute walk to the pool/hot tub in the neighborhood really lightens the blow of seeing 78 year old liver spotted Henry washing his hot rod shirtless in the Florida sun.

Now let’s get back to business. Planning your first real vacation (real vacation meaning it takes a plane to get there, and you spend more than a weekend away) with your man is incredibly exciting. At least for me it is! I’m a hopeless romantic and envision everything in the near future  that I’m going to do with my boyfriend to be something that will measure up to a scene out of The Notebook or The Titanic (minus drowning in freezing water and/or getting Alzheimers and not remembering him). I have the highest hopes for our first vacation together and here’s why!

  1. I love the excitement of getting on a plane together: Okay I know how INCREDIBLY cheesy and weird this sounds, but if you don’t agree with me you are literally lying to yourself. It’s exhilarating to pack your bags, get on a plane, jam your shit into the overhead compartment, and leave behind real life for a little bit! When you are doing that for the first time with your man, it doesn’t get much more exciting than that. Also, its a nice relationship test to see how you navigate through airport security together. Once our bags and anal cavities are cleared for liquids over 3 0zs. and drugs, I plan to set my bags down, grab a drink (or 4) at the airport bar, board the plane feelin’ tipsy as a mother, and say goodbye to Pennsylvania, and New Jersey since thats basically my new home now, for 5, hopefully, long days. Lastly, an adorable airport outfit is essential. I even recommend going the extra mile, and throwing on an adorable floppy hate like the one I purchased 2 days ago online from Forever 21.  hat
  2. SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES: If you don’t understand the movie reference I just made, you should really just exit the nearest window, and never visit this blog again. I’m kidding. Google it loser. While on vacation it’s easy to want to sit by the pool/beach all day then go back to where your staying and sleep. DON’T DO THAT! I REPEAT. DON’T DO THAT! Since we only have 5 days in Florida (technically 4 full days with traveling time added on) I don’t want to waste any time. I want to explore, eat, and have as much fun as possible. At the very same time though, there is a very fine line between planning a fun, relaxing vacation and OVER planning. You don’t want to be that nourtoic girlfriend who has everyday planned out to a T with a corresponding hard copy itinerary. Nor do you want to be boring AF to travel with. So my advice, make a list of some restaurants, bars, activities you want to do while you’re there, wake up in the morning look at the list, and plan it from there! If I know one thing about my boyfriend it’s that he doesn’t like to plan too much, but he also doesn’t like to be bored. So my goal on this vacation is to balance the two juuuuust right for him. I know, I’m a keeper 🙂 Here are some of the places we plan to visit while in Jupiter, Florida! Dune Dog, Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse, and The Square Grouper! (pictured below)  bar-cat
  3. Traveling bonds a couple and creates lifelong memories: There is no doubt about this one! Like I said earlier, traveling pushes people out of their comfort zones. This isn’t to say they are uncomfortable while traveling, but it forces our minds to think outside the box, removes us from our monotonous everyday activities, and allows us to let loose a little. Whether we’re eating delicious food, drinking fancy cocktails, swimming in the pool, enjoying the beat, cruising on a boat, or going for a sunset walk, to experience those type of things with your significant other will without a doubt create positive and lasting memories. I tell my boyfriend all the time how important traveling and vacation is for your soul as an individual, but it’s almost even more important for a couple. I want to be the type of couple who travels the world together. Yes I know. It costs A LOT of money. I value quality over quantity though. I think if you at least travel once a year with your significant other (alone), that will create one healthy ass, exciting relationship. And like the popular quote says…traveling
  4. I’m pretty pumped to show off my hot new summer clothes:  Clearly I’ve saved the best for last. I just purchased my second shipment from Forever 21 to finish off my yearly summer shopping spree. I think its crucial to begin the summer with some new clothes. Personally, it get’s me motivated to stay fit to squeeze into all the little rompers and shorts! If you’re not going to splurge for summer in general though, at least live a little and splurge on a couple new outfits for your summer vacation. What better way to keep your partner interested than slipping on a sexy maxi dress, a pair of new perfectly sized jean shorts, or a cute little romper?! I’m super excited to get all dolled up for dinner each night knowing I have a new outfit to put on that he’s never seen me in. All in all ladies, this isn’t about how expensive your clothes are, what brand the tag reads, or what size you are, shit-I’m a size 6, and buy the majority of my clothes from Forever 21, and am damn proud of it! The most important advice to take away from this last point is to let your vacation be a way to bring confidence back into your relationship by bringing confidence back into you. Buy the dress. Get the tan. Drink the Margarita. And don’t regret a single thing you do on vacation, because what happens on your vacation staaaaays on your vacation my dear.


Watch, we’ll come home despising each other! HA! 

funny couple

Happy Traveling Friends! 🙂



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